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“Mulga” is a colloquial word used to define the Australian bush, the Australian Outback or the area outside urban Australia. Since European settlement Australia’s “bush telegraph” or “mulga wires” was renown for passing on information and stories between towns, homesteads and individuals. With the aid of this newfangled digital technology our blog Mulga Wires continues this story telling tradition.

Our focus will be the broad topic of cycling tours providing information and sharing biking stories from a variety of sources and periods in time including the current activities of Mulga Bicycle Tours.

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Introducing the Mulga Continental Breakfast

Introducing the Mulga Continental Breakfast

26 October 2019

Mulga News

What better way to start our new Blog than with breakfast?

When you come on tour with Mulga Bicycle Tours, you’ll be treated to our Mulga continental breakfast. It’s not skimpy and dull like some.

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