Mulga rewards

PLEASE NOTE: During the COVID-19 Pandemic our Mulga Rewards Program has been suspended. Credits earned prior to the pandemic have not been lost but due to the extra operating costs associated with running tours during the pandemic you will not be able to accumulate or use credits until the COVID-19 Pandemic has been declared over.

We’d like to see you again, and we think that after joining us for a cycle tour it’s more than likely you’ll want to come back, too. We’ll reward you for coming back and for introducing your friends to Mulga.

Be sure to check out the special offers at the bottom of our page.

How you can earn Mulga rewards*

Relive your tour

Want to rebook a tour you’ve done with us before? We’ll take 5 per cent off the tour price when you book the same tour a second time.

Bring a friend

Been on tour with us and want to introduce a friend to the joys of bicycle touring? You’ll receive 10 per cent off your next tour when you introduce a friend who’s new to Mulga Bicycle Tours. Your friend will pay full price, but you are welcome to split the discount with them.

While you’re welcome to invite as many friends as you like, there’s a limit of one ‘bring a friend’ discount per returning guest per trip.

Celebrate your sixth

Every time you tour with Mulga we’ll keep count, and to celebrate your sixth tour you’ll be rewarded with a $500 discount off your trip fee. Please note that this cannot be used as your booking fee.

How to Claim

To claim your reward please leave us a short note in the "How did you find out about this tour?" field when you place your booking and we will adjust your progress payments accordingly.

Special Offers

10% off at Lonsdale Street Cyclery in Canberra

Lonsdale Street Cyclery is offering 10% off bikes and an on-going 10% off parts and accessories. To get the discount ask for John and mention Mulga Bicycles Tours sent you.

*Mulga Rewards are only available in connection with our multi day tours and for bookings made directly with Mulga Bicycle Tours. Only one Mulga Reward type can be claimed per booking. No other discounts or promotions can be used with Mulga Rewards.