About us

Denise and Mark Arundel have been running an award-winning business together since 1995, and each have over 30 years’ cycle touring experience. Together they’ve cycled through nearly every corner of Australia, carrying all their creature comforts, water, food, and camping gear in two trailers and on their bikes.

Their extensive travels by bike include a year-long, unsupported trip around Australia in 2009 where, travelling anti-clockwise with the continent’s prevailing winds, Denise and Mark rode nearly 18,000 kilometres in 364 days. The pair visited each of Australia’s state capital cities and made countless memories along the way, many of them captured in Mark’s professional photographs and all of it shared on their blog, Sprung Chicken Ride.

Denise and Mark and daughter Rebecca with Teddy on their custom-built tandem (made in Canberra by Spokesman Cycles) in 1985 on the Princes Highway near Bega in rural NSW. The bike is equipped with a Cannondale trailer imported from the US (before the internet made it easy), and home-made panniers and handlebar bag.

During their years of touring, Denise and Mark have learned the joys of travelling slowly, of encounters with the landscape and with people, and particularly of sharing their experiences – the hardships and the achievements – with others. After many years of research, riding, and planning, their passion for touring has been combined with their business expertise to create Mulga Bicycle Tours.

Denise and Mark believe that cycling is the ideal way to restore balance in our busy lives, to see the world at the perfect pace, to engage the senses, to meet people, and to find stories to tell. ‘To us,’ says Mark, ‘the bike ride is just how we choose to travel and is secondary to the pleasure of discovery’.

With extensive business and event-management experience running an award-winning consulting company, Denise and Mark pay meticulous attention to detail and are passionate about giving a personal touch to all their tours. They’ve planned every inch of every Mulga tour themselves, and look forward to sharing the road with you.

“The night before an adventure I will always struggle to find sleep. Nervous and excited, I am a prisoner awaiting release and I know come the morn I shall be free.” – The Human Cyclist