Our Commitment To Diversity And Inclusion

Just like the wider community, Mulga Bicycle Tour guests come from all walks of life.

And regardless of background, ability or personal circumstances, our goal is to ensure each and every guest gets the most out of their bicycle tour experience.

How we practice diversity and inclusion

At Mulga Bicycle Tours, we are committed to:

  • putting people first, focusing on what they can do and how they want to participate;
  • catering for individual needs. We do this by talking and working with individuals to identify their needs and making any appropriate adjustments;
  • being honest and explaining if certain modifications or adjustments are not currently feasible given the environments in which we operate; and
  • communicating openly and sharing information in appropriate ways and formats.

Our Code of Conduct also requires all tour guests to accept and welcome everyone on the tour. Discriminatory language or anti-social conduct is not tolerated in any form.

What we’ll ask you to do

To ensure we can cater for a range of abilities and circumstances, we will ask you to:

  • tell us what we can do to help to include you in our tours;
  • understand we’ll do our best to make necessary adjustments or modifications; and
  • talk to us if you have any concerns or ideas to make our tours more inclusive.

Interested in learning more about our tours? Find out what makes us different or contact us to discuss your personal situation.