Mulga multi day bicycle tours - FAQ

Everyone has lots of questions about bicycle touring, and here we’ve addressed the queries we receive most frequently about our multi day tours. If you have any other questions, or would like more information, we’d love to hear from you – just drop us a line or an email.

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Every guest who books a Mulga multi day tour will receive details about what to pack and what to expect from their chosen tour in their Welcome Pack, which we will send 30 days before the tour’s departure. We’ll also try and get in touch by phone to make sure your preparations are running smoothly.

Detailed information answering many of the questions below can also be found in our Terms and Conditions, so if you have booked a tour or are considering one, please take the time to read over them, too.

  • What’s included in the tour price?

    Accommodation, all meals and snacks as described on the tour information page, drinks and snacks from the tour support vehicle, tour guides, daily maps and itineraries; use of support vehicles as required. Mulga will provide assistance with very minor bicycle maintenance on your bike such as pumping up tyres or tweaking your gears, but will not carry out repairs or fit new parts. All bike maintenance is included, however if you’ve hired a bike from Mulga. All park entrance fees and tourist attractions that are noted in the trip descriptions are included, as are ferry tickets where the ferry ride is part of a day's standard itinerary.

    Please note that no refunds are made for meals, services, or accommodation that are included in the tour price but are not used.

    All tour prices are listed in $AUD and are fixed.

  • What’s not included in the tour price?

    Bike hire is not included in your tour price, but can be arranged through Mulga at additional cost.

    Any additional drinks (and all alcoholic beverages), meals, and snacks are at your own expense, as are entries to parks, rides, or tourist attractions that are not included in our daily itinerary. Services like mini-bar or room service are not included, nor are in-room telephone calls. Guests will be responsible for their own laundry expenses. Please note particularly that parts and labour to repair your own bike whether done in a shop or by Mulga Bicycle Tours are also not included, so it is vital that your bike is in excellent condition when you start your tour.

  • What happens if I get ill or injured on the tour?

    We strongly recommend you purchase both travel and bicycle insurance for the duration of your tour. Travel insurance is necessary to cover costs such as tour cancellation, transportation costs, stolen goods, lost luggage, damaged property, and, in the unlikely event that you are injured or fall ill on a tour.

    Bicycle insurance will generally cover you for a bicycle crash or related injury. Bicycle organisations such as Bicycle Network, Bicycle NSW, Bicycle Queensland and Pedal Power may be good options, as membership usually includes bicycle accident insurance for personal injury and liability. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    If you have a minor illness or injury while we’re on tour, you’ll be free to take as much time out as you need in the support vehicle. We are unable to refund you if you choose to abandon the tour due to illness or injury, but your own personal insurance may be of help if this situation arises.

  • What is the weather going to be like?

    Our tours are scheduled to fit with the seasons and ideal cycling conditions. That said, sometimes the weather doesn’t always do what we’d like. We always have a plan B for those times when rainy or inclement weather make cycling unsafe. That said, if it is safe to, sometimes we have to forge on. We are hardy at Mulga, and do not cancel our tours for poor weather. We’ll do our best to make you comfortable and continue on the tour, and are not liable for any loss or refund if you choose to retire from a tour due to rain, cold temperatures, or similar.

  • How fit do I need to be?

    Fitness isn’t as important as an adventurous spirit on a Mulga tour, and riders often surprise themselves once they’re out on the bike with a supportive bunch of fellow guests. Please choose your tour carefully, as some are more challenging than others (please get in touch if you’re unsure). It’s important that you have enough cycling experience to be able to ride safely and confidently over the distances we cover, but speed is less important. Every tour is accompanied by a support vehicle, so if you’d like a rest at any point you’re free to hop in.

  • What type of bike do I need?

    A road or hybrid bike in good working condition is ideal for a Mulga tour, but mountain bikes with suspension lockouts, especially if fitted with slick or semi-slick tyres, are also suitable. The most important thing is that your bike has been recently serviced and that any old or worn-out parts (brake pads, tyres, chains, etc.) have been checked and replaced if necessary before the tour starts. Give us a call if you have any questions about the bike you’d like to ride.

    Please note that only standard bicycles and tandems are allowed on the tour, and we don’t allow recumbents, bikes with child seats, trailers, and so on. If your bike is not conventional, please contact us to discuss using it on a tour.

    Please let us know if you are bringing a tandem so we can bring the correct transportation equipment.

  • How hilly is the terrain?

    Wherever you go in Australia you are bound to come across a hill or two. But remember – for every up there is a down! Some of our tours are harder than others – please see the tour information for each of our tours to see which would suit you best, and if you’re still in doubt, just give us a call.

    If things get tough on the tour you can always jump in the support vehicle at any time.

  • Do I have to carry my luggage?

    No! Mulga Bicycle Tours will transport your luggage between accommodation venues each day of the tour. Each guest is allowed one bag for luggage weighing up to 20kg or two bags weighing 10kg each. Reasonable care will be taken with guests’ luggage at all times, but Mulga Bicycle Tours does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage.

    Please note that we have limited space and weight limits in our vehicles and trailers, so are unable to take extra luggage. Each overweight bag will incur a $50 fee. Please contact us if you are unsure about your luggage or what items you should bring.

  • What will the tour be like?

    We like to eat well and sleep comfortably so have developed our cycle tours for like-minded people.

    Mulga tours travel at a relaxed pace. Our focus is on enjoying each day – stopping to take in the view, learning about the country we are cycling through, meeting interesting people along the way. We’re not hell bent on getting as many kilometres under our belt as we can or racing from place to place. The goal is to soak in the scenery and relish the journey.

  • What do I need to bring?

    When we receive your booking we will send you a list of mandatory and suggested items in your Welcome Pack. An Australian Standards Approved cycling helmet is a legal requirement in all Australian states and territories we tour and must be worn whenever you ride your bike. It must also be in good condition as helmets do wear out. We strongly recommend cycling shoes, cycling shorts, and gloves for your comfort and protection. We will issue guests with safety equipment selected to help keep you safe (including a basic first-aid kit, UHF radio, hi-vis vest, and safety card), and ask that guests’ bikes be equipped with flashing lights. More information on safety gear can be found in our Safety Guidelines.

  • Why do I have to carry mandatory equipment?

    Mulga Bicycle Tours are committed to all guests’ safety, and we ask that all guests carry some important items to help in case there is an emergency, to ensure guests are visible to other road users, and to comply with legislation. We’ve also adopted the best practices recommended by organisations such as the Amy Gillett Foundation which are dedicated to cyclist safety.

    We will loan you a UHF handheld radio and a basic first aid kit in a pouch that is designed to be fitted at the junction of the top and head tube of your bicycle. The pouch will also include a Safety and Emergency Card that outlines phone numbers, radio channels, radio protocols, and what to do if injured or lost.

    A list of Mandatory Equipment is included in our Terms and Conditions.

    We will ask to see your Mandatory Equipment prior to the commencement of the tour. If an item is missing or we form the view that your equipment does not comply to our specification, we may not allow you to commence or continue on the tour until you have acquired the necessary item.

    Please note we will not delay the start of the tour for anyone who does not have the appropriate Mandatory Equipment.

  • Are you able to accommodate different dietary needs?

    Yes. There is space to list your dietary requirements in the booking form. If you have allergies or intolerances that are serious and could require medical attention, it is essential that you contact us to discuss them before the tour. While we’ll do our utmost to ensure you are served suitable meals, we cannot be responsible for any traces of ingredients that might be present despite our caterers’ reasonable efforts.

  • What if I want to share a room with a friend or partner?

    There is a spot on the booking form where you can insert the name of the friend or partner you want to share a room with. Guests wanting to share a room must make their booking on the same form.

  • What if my partner doesn't cycle?

    They’re still welcome to come on our tours. We have room in our support vehicles for those who do not wish to cycle and there’s no need to miss out on the experience of a Mulga tour just because you aren’t on a bike. Support vehicles typically follow the cyclists, so guests who choose not to cycle will see the scenery at a similar pace!

  • What if I ride faster or slower than my partner?

    Guests of Mulga Bicycle Tours are not required to ride closely together. To get the most enjoyment out of our cycling holidays we encourage you to cycle at your own pace between our vehicles. You and your partner are bound to find other guests on your Mulga tour that match your cycling speeds. This is an ideal way to make new friends at the same time as holidaying together. We regroup frequently so you both will have the opportunity to check in on each other.

  • Do you allow for later arrivals and/or early departures?

    If your schedule doesn’t match ours, give us a call and we will work something out for you.

  • Can children come on the tours?

    Generally we require our guests to be 18 years or older if they are travelling alone, however in all states except South Australia (where for legal reasons all guests must be over 18), children 13 years of age and above can come on our tours if they are accompanied and supervised by an adult. A younger guest may be allowed with prior approval in states other than South Australia, too – please contact us.

  • Can Mulga help with transport to and from the tour?

    We sometimes offer train, airport and hotel transfers to the start of the tour. If not, we will send you information on public shuttle services. We can also send you driving or other public transport directions to the tour meeting place. If you need information on accommodation for the nights before and after the tour we can help you with that, too. Please let us know your requirements when you complete the booking form.

  • Can you explain your payment schedules?

    The following is a summary of our payment schedule. For full details please see section 4 of our Terms and Conditions.

    A $500 booking fee is payable when you book a Mulga tour. It is not refundable, but is transferrable if you cancel at least 61 days before the tour.

    A progress payment of 50 per cent of the tour price (including the deposit) is to be paid by 60 days before your tour.

    The balance of the tour fee is to be paid by 35 days before your tour.

    If you do not pay your fees on time we may cancel your booking.

  • What if I change my mind?

    If you wish to cancel your booking please notify us by email or mail with all your details and the reason for your cancellation. In keeping with our Terms and Conditions, we will process your refund within 30 days, or help you select a different tour if you wish to change.

    Before you cancel your tour with Mulga Bicycle Tours, check the cancellation policies for any other bookings, such as flights, you may have made in connection with your tour, as their fees and charges can be prohibitive.

  • What happens if my tour is cancelled?

    In the unlikely event that your tour is cancelled by Mulga before the tour’s start date for any reason, we will refund any progress payments you have made. We will also give you the option to either transfer your tour booking fee to another one of our tours, or we can refund it to you.

    In very rare circumstances a natural disaster or similar event may affect your bicycle tour. If such a situation occurs, we will either alter our route or cancel the tour. If your tour is cancelled when it is already underway, we will refund your fees (pro rata) and transport you and your luggage to our start or finish location or other safe location.

  • Do I need to tip on a Mulga tour?

    Tipping is not expected in Australia.