Multi-day cycling tours for everyone

The focus of every Mulga tour is on enjoying each day, not stacking up the kilometres or racing the clock. Our goal is to soak in the scenery, marvel at fascinating stories, then recharge the batteries with a good feed and a good rest.

We also love nothing better than introducing cyclists to the pleasures of bicycle touring, so don’t be afraid to join us for your inaugural cycling holiday.

Gear up for good times

That said, wherever you go in Australia you are bound to come across a hill or two, so some of our tours are more challenging than others.

To help you choose the right bicycle holiday, we group our tours into four grades: Grade 1 (Easy/Medium), Grade 2 (Medium), Grade 3 (Medium/Hard) and Grade 4 (Hard), see the table below for more information.

Swipe table left for more information.

Grade Daily distances (km) Terrain Pace Duration
1 30 to 80 Easy terrain with some hills Relaxed: Average speed 17–21 km/hour Up to 7 hours including rest breaks
2 30 to 80 May include challenging hills Moderate: Average speed 19–25 km/hour Up to 7 hours including rest breaks
3 50 to 100 Includes challenging hills Moderate: Average speed 19–25 km/hour Up to 8 hours including rest breaks
4 75 to 150 Difficult terrain with long climbs and descents Steady: Average speed 22–30 km/hour Up to 10 hours or more including rest breaks

You can find grading information in the left hand ‘at a glance’ panel of each of our tour itineraries.

Support vehicle as standard

All our tours are accompanied by a support vehicle, so if you’d like a rest at any point, you’re free to hop in and put your feet up. But don’t sell yourself short. We find time and time again that riders surprise themselves once they’re out on the bike with a supportive bunch of fellow riders.

Just like riding a bike

Of course, the ability to ride safely and confidently on the road with traffic over the daily distances (as detailed in each tour itinerary) is necessary for all our tours.

If you have any questions about the right bicycle holiday for you, please contact us.