Cycling holidays designed especially for you

Are you looking:

  • … for a private trip for family or friends?
  • ... for a corporate catch up?
  • … to go on a biking holiday at times not included in our Australian cycling tour calendar?
  • … for a bike tour to a specific region of Australia?
  • … for an unusual and out of the ordinary destination and experience?

A panel of three photographs illustrating different types of custom cycling tours. Left photo shows a lone cyclist climbing Mt Pleasant with the city of Canberra and the Brindabella Ranges in the background. The centre photo shows a group of 7 recreational cyclists who have just achieved their dream of cycling up Victoria’s Mt Buffalo, Mt Buffalo Chalet is in the background. Right photo shows a private tour for a group of three friends enjoying a gourmet lunch at a café beside a rail trail.

No matter your requirements, we can tailor a custom cycling adventure especially for you.

At Mulga Tours, we're committed to providing the most inspiring custom cycling tours and holidays in Australia.

Whether you're traveling on your own, as a couple, with family, friends, or even as part of a corporate group of up to 14 people, we can create an Australian bicycle tour with personalised routes and activities tailor-made for your abilities and budget.

Our custom itineraries can be as long or short or simple or complex as you want them to be, covering every aspect including restaurants, cafes, wine tastings, museum visits, bushwalking, tours, spa treatments, cooking classes, and much more … even cycling!

Prices and availability will vary according to your dates, the length of the tour and the availability of accommodation along the route. The more friends and family, the cheaper the tour price (per person).

Whatever your dream, we'll work closely with you to make it a reality. To get started either send us an email or call us during business hours on 0412 309 711.

Please note a $500 non-refundable booking fee and our standard cancellation policy applies for all our scheduled and custom tour bookings.

Life is a beautiful journey full of adventures waiting to be explored. So grab your bike, travel with Mulga on your own custom adventure and live life to the fullest.