Mandatory Equipment Checklist

Before arriving on your tour please photograph all your mandatory equipment, by spreading the items out on a flat surface such as a bed or the floor, in a similar manner to the example below. You do not need to number your items as we have done in our example but we must be able to see each item so we can match the items with your checklist.

Once you have your photograph, complete the checklist and declaration below indicating you have all the required mandatory equipment, attach a copy of your photograph and click the SUBMIT button.

Please do not print and email this form to us as we will not accept emailed submissions.

PLEASE NOTE: This form is designed to be used with all our tours. Occasionally the list of Mandatory Equipment included in your tour information letter may be different to the list included in our Terms and Conditions. This is because some items are not required for all tours.

When composing your photograph please only use the list of Mandatory Equipment included in your tour information letter. If an item listed below does not appear in your tour information letter answer "No" when asked if you have it. You will not be penalised for not having the item we have deemed unnecessary for your tour.

You will be unable to submit the form without including a photograph.

Example photograph of required mandatory equipment. 1 – Disposable medical grade face masks, 2 - Hand Sanitiser, 3 – Spare batteries and charger, 4 - Puncture repair kit, 5 - Australian standards bicycle helmet, 6 - Water bottles, 7 - Bright/ high visibility shirt, 8 – Sunglasses, 9 - Small zip lock bag of toilet paper, 10 - Emergency food, 11 – Medications, 12 - Rain coat, 13 - Long sleeve thermal top, 14 - Long thermal leggings, 15 - Groundsheet for parking your bike on in your room, 16 - Bowl, plate, tea towel and cutlery.

Please indicate if you have the following:

If you have any conditions or allergies that require the use of special medication such as asthma inhalers, EpiPens or similar we ask that you:

  • provide us with a copy of your management plan;
  • provide us with a second device /dose of the medication to carry in our support vehicle; and
  • let us know where you will be carrying your primary medication whilst on tour.