North East Victoria 8-Day Bicycle Tour

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North East Victoria is known for its incredible natural beauty, fantastic produce, and rich history. Each of the four seasons provides its own distinctive mix of visual delights but it is for Spring and Autumn (Fall) that North East Victoria is especially noted.

For more than 160 years the valuable natural resources of the region, particularly gold, timber and agriculture, have attracted waves of immigrants all of whom have contributed to making the region so fascinating to explore today.

Due to the early settlers’ extensive plantings of exotic trees, Beechworth and Bright are now well known for the striking hues of autumn leaves - red, gold, russet, ochre and crimson – an important visual reminder of the legacy played by immigrants in the development of the North East. In more recent times the vineyards, apple, chestnut and hazelnut orchards have spread and painted this autumn colour throughout the valleys. 

In spring these same urban forests and orchards come to life with large displays of blossom and fresh hues of green, with tulips, daffodils and other exotic bulbs on display in many of the gardens.

When you mix in the region's vibrant food and wine culture, our Spring and Autumn tours provide the perfect balance of gourmet indulgence and the great outdoors.

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