Carnarvon Gorge & The Great Inland Way Cycling Tour

Cycling across the roof of Queensland

Soak up the natural and cultural diversity of inland Queensland on this exclusive bicycle tour along the Great Inland Way.

On this fascinating journey you’ll cycle through some of Australia’s most spectacular landscapes, past sandstone cliffs, through ancient cycad forests and alongside rolling grasslands. 

You’ll also spend two full days exploring Carnarvon Gorge, a cool lush oasis in the outback complete with one of Australia’s finest examples of Aboriginal stencil rock art, breathtaking vistas, and plenty of wildlife.

From Murray Darling Basin country, across the Great Dividing Range and into the Fitzroy Basin, you’ll be amazed at the variety of landscapes and the intriguing stories they have to tell.

You’ll be struck by the Mulga difference. All of our bike tours are achievable by the average cyclist with a focus on the journey, not on the clock.

What is included:

  • Accommodation in 3 or 4 star properties
  • All meals (except dinner on Day 3 in Roma)
  • End of tour dinner
  • Day and night walking tours at Carnarvon Gorge
  • Hot/cold drinks and copious snacks from the support vehicle
  • Daily photos to capture your memories
  • Daily maps and elevation profiles
  • Support vehicles provided every day - ride as much or as little as you please
  • Custom built support trailer for careful and safe carriage of your bike and luggage
  • Luggage transfer between your accommodation
  • UHF radio link between yourself and the support vehicle
  • Mechanical support (limited spares)
  • Tour guides - the owners of Mulga Bicycle Tours are with you every day

Short on time? ... Join us in Roma on Day 4

If you wish to join the tour in Roma please send us an email using our Contact us form or call us on 0412 309 711 (international +61 412 309 711) and we will process your booking manually.

TRAVEL CONNECTIONS to St George, Roma and Emerald.  Find out more ...

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: St George

The tour begins at St George, a peaceful rural town perched on the banks of the mighty Balonne River, considered by many to be the best inland fishing spot in Queensland. St George is a service town for a large number of agricultural activities including cotton, wheat, grapes, peanuts, fruit and vegetables as well as sheep and cattle.

We’ll meet at the Merino Motel for our pre-tour checks before taking a short ride to Riversands Wines, the most western vineyard in Queensland. Enjoy a tasting or two, then relax in the garden café with your choice of  afternoon tea. 

We’ll then return through St George’s wide, tree-lined streets and historic buildings to prepare for a group dinner and pre-tour briefing.


Day 2: St George to Surat - Cycling Distance 117km

Heading upstream from St George to Surat, today we’ll travel through open woodland as we follow the route of the very last Cobb & Co service in Australia. This is the longest leg on the tour but don’t worry, with its gentle undulations it’s a very achievable ride. And of course, our support vehicle is always there if you need a rest. 


  • Cobb & Co Country Motel

Day 3: Surat to Roma - Cycling Distance 79km

Today we’ll continue north through grasslands and open woodlands. On our way we’ll see plenty of Queensland Bottle Trees, all impressive, but wait until you see the size of the one in Roma!

As well as some very large bottle trees, Roma is home to the largest yard sales in the southern hemisphere. Over 12,000 head of cattle can be sold in a single day. Roma is also the birthplace of Australia’s oil and gas industry. With the growing demand for natural gas you’ll see evidence of strong industry development throughout the region.


Day 4: Roma to Injune - Cycling Distance 92km

Continuing on the Great Inland Way we’ll take a gentle climb to Injune, also known as the Gateway to Carnarvon. The route is brimming with signs of the region’s thriving industries; timber, oil and gas, and of course cattle. Keep an eye out for the stock routes crisscrossing the highway. 

Injune is a quaint yet flourishing country town, full of fascinating history, spectacular views and beautiful landscapes. Tucked at the foot of the Carnarvon Range, it’s also an ideal base for exploring the magnificent terrain leading towards Carnarvon Gorge.


  • Injune Motor Inn

Day 5: Injune towards Carnarvon Gorge - Cycling Distance 85km

There are 151 kilometres between Injune and Carnarvon Gorge, so we’ll cycle about half way today before returning to Injune in the support vehicles.  

You’ll be captivated by the area’s outstanding natural beauty, with its picturesque grasslands, woodlands and forest. And we’ll finish on a high, the last 18km is mostly downhill through sandstone cliffs and bluffs, open eucalypt and ancient cycad forests.

We’ll then return to Injune in the support vehicles to complete the journey to Carnarvon Gorge tomorrow. 


  • Injune Motor Inn

Day 6: Towards Carnarvon Gorge - Cycling Distance 65km

Our morning begins in the support vehicles to return to where we left off yesterday.

Once on the bikes, we’ll leave behind the red and orange sandstone cliffs and journey across the relatively flat plains towards Carnarvon Gorge National Park.

With its towering white sandstone cliffs, winding gorges, ancient rock art and remnant pockets of rainforest, Carnarvon Gorge is a natural and cultural paradise, one we’ll explore on foot over the coming days. We’ll finish at our accommodation, the Takarakka Bush Resort.


Day 7: Carnarvon Gorge - Cycling Free Day

Today is an all-important rest day. Say hello to the resident wildlife, take a walk or you could choose to do nothing at all. 

And when night falls, it’s time for another adventure. The Carnarvon Night Safari Tour. With help from Australian Nature Guides, and with binoculars at the ready, we’ll look high and low for the Gorge’s nocturnal wildlife. This includes gliders, owls, frogs, microbats and possibly platypus.


Day 8: Carnarvon Gorge - Cycling Free Day

Lace up your walking shoes and get set to further explore the Gorge (this time in daylight!).

Australian Nature Guides will lead us on the Lower Gorge Explorer Walk, an easy 14km walk along the Gorge floor. Crisscrossing Carnarvon Creek on stepping stones, this tour includes the very best of Carnarvon Gorge. Marvel at the awe-inspiring Amphitheatre, a hidden grotto within towering sandstone walls. Take a breather at the Moss Garden, a hidden waterhole which looks as if it’s straight from a fairy tale. Discover the meanings behind the Gorge’s 4,000-year-old rock art, one of the finest examples of Aboriginal stencil art in Australia. 


Day 9: Carnarvon Gorge to Springsure - Cycling Distance 71km

We’ll start the day in the support vehicles and drive back to the Carnarvon Highway and then on to Rolleston where we'll stop for morning tea at the quirky Coffee Cart in Beazley Park.   

After unloading the bikes we’ll farewell Rolleston and the Carnarvon Highway and continue riding north-west on the Dawson Highway. We’ll pass the Rolleston Coal Mine and then journey through naturally treeless plains, also known as Bluegrass Downs Grasslands.

These grasslands were once a beckoning proposition for pioneer graziers. And whilst many have been overtaken with pasture grass, we’ll see some excellent examples of the grasslands in their original glory - including some rare plant species - as we head into Springsure. 

Day 10: Springsure - Cycling Free Day

This charming town is nestled below the dramatic Minerva Hills, remnants of ancient volcanic eruptions, and is known for its "Heritage, Hills and Hospitality". Stretch your legs with a walk and enjoy the spectacular views. Spend the day exploring the many natural and historical attractions of the area.

  • Springsure Heritage Walk
  • Virgin Rock
  • Old Rainworth Fort
  • Minerva Hills National Park


Day 11: Springsure to Emerald - Cycling Distance 81km

The final leg of our tour takes us from Springsure to Emerald.

Leaving Springsure we’ll be in prime position to admire the landscape, the volcanic peaks and domes of Minerva Hills National Park.

Passing through scrub and farmland on the Gregory Highway, we’ll make our way into Emerald, stopping on the way at Lake Maraboon for lunch. Emerald is a service town for many industries in the region including cotton, grain, coal and even gem mining.

We’ll finish the day with an end of tour celebration dinner. 



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Or if you just can’t get enough, you are welcome to join us for the next Queensland tour on our schedule: a 11-day biking journey from Cairns to Karumba. With even more spectacular scenery, intriguing wildlife and fascinating stories, this is another incredible cycling adventure. 

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