Cairns to Karumba across Cape York

Looking west approx 20 km from Mt Surprise
Einasleigh River taken from the centre of the bridge
late morning tea stop S18.22494 E143.91046
Looking towards the Newcastle range east of White Springs Creek S18.27903 E143.83079
Newcastle Range S18.30774 E143.78527
Routh Creek S18.28945 E143.71443
Denise descending the Newcastle range towards Georgetown S18.27060 E143.69045
New Croydon Visitors Information Centre under construction
New Croydon Visitors Information Centre under construction
Purple Pub Normanton

A memorable cycling journey through an incredibly diverse range of landscapes, starting on the beautiful tropical coast, then taking in rainforest, savannah, and rivers as you cross Australia’s iconic Cape York. This tour provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance to accomplish something most people only dream of, with each leg carefully planned to be achievable for the average cyclist. Escape to the bush and experience the outback first-hand: fresh air, endless blue skies, and rainbow sunsets.