Capital Country Spring Tour - 5 Days

16 wind turbines can be seen on the horizon. In the foreground there is a mix of pasture and open woodland.

Spring into a new season in the Canberra region

Experience one good thing after another on this shorter (5-day) variation of our Capital Country Spring Tour.

We’ll take you on a peaceful journey through picturesque villages and spectacular natural scenery, following quiet roads under glorious wide blue skies.

Explore quirky rural villages, indulge in local produce, share fascinating stories, see plenty of native wildlife and bask in some good old-fashioned country hospitality.

If you already live in Canberra or are keen to explore Canberra’s surrounding region in South East NSW (also known as Capital Country) this is the cycling holiday for you. Leaving Gungahlin in Canberra’s north, you will join the other guests as they embark on Day 2 of their longer (6-day) spring bike tour.

Canberra, Australia, Listed as a top 10 city in Best in Travel 2018